Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA
Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA
Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA
Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA
Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA
Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA
Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA
Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA

Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch 4x4 944HUA

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  • 【4 in 4 out Quad Monitor HDMI KVM Switch Control up to 4 computers or Laptops from one set of keyboard, mouse and 3 monitors which supports 4 monitors extended display or duplicated; It requires each computer and laptop has 4 graphic cards or 4 video output interfaces. Ideal tool for graphic designers, programming engineers, public display or advertising, surveillance etc.
  • 【Support computers and laptops with 4 HDMI/ VGA/ DVI/ display port/ USB C mixture interfaces】 perfect for computers with 4 HDMI outputs. Also support HDMI/ VGA/ DVI/ DP/ Type C mixture devices but need reliable adapters (not included) for non-HDMI interfaces. Please be aware of the adapters you need before purchasing.
  • 【Cross support multiple platform and devices, Plug and play with no driver needed】 fully compatible with Windows 10/7/2000/XP/ and Mac; also support HDMI devices like webcam, hard disk player, game console, DVR, NVR etc.; With an extra USB 2. 0 port for sharing USB printers, scanners and Jump drives; support most wireless keyboard and Mouse.
  • 【User-friendly switching modes】 1. Mouse click switch: 2. Hot key switching on keyboards that support all operation systems; 3. Button selection on front panel; 4; Auto scan switch with adjustable interval time between 8 to 999 seconds.
  • 【Enjoy high resolution with auto EDID and audio support】 supports 4K@30Hz ((3840*2160@30HZ) high quality pictures, also support 4K@60Hz monitor but output 4K@30Hz for with EDID button to Adapt proper resolutions; with separate audio and microphone output.

  • 4 Port Quad Monitor KVM Switch HDMI DEPZOL-944HUA

    Product Benefits You Might be Looking for:

    1. Console and Control up to 2 Computers or Laptops with one individual set of keyboard and mouse and 3 monitors.

    2. With 4 monitor outputs to mirror, extend or splice your different purpose display.

    3. Support high resolution up to 4K@30Hz with EDID to adapt proper resolution.

    4. Switch freely between Home or gaming PC and Work laptop using convenient keyboard hotkey, mouse click, button switch.

    5. Support standard wired or wireless keyboard and mouse.

    6. Support Microphone and Audio output

    7. With an Extra USB HUB for connecting printer / scanner / headset, Webcam, or other USB devices.

    8. Auto scan function with adjustable interval for monitoring 4 devices.

    9. Protective high-end metal housing, strong in anti-interference, Heavy weight to ensure sturdy on desk.

    10. Compatible to most major OS including Windows, Linux and Mac etc.

    11. With all cables needed to connect computers to KVM except cables for monitors.

    Sharing More Devices With Higher Efficiency

    Installation Guide (incorrect connection will cause malfunction):


    1. Connect the end with USB, audio and HDMI of cable A to your computer side, the other end with HDMI only to IN 1A port at KVM side.
    2. Connect Cable B (3 pieces) from 2nd, 3rd and 4th video output on your computer to IN 1B, 1C, 1D port at KVM side.
    3. Repeat step 1 and 2 to connect other computers to relevant IN A IN B, IN C and IN D port.
    4. Plug your wired keyboard and mouse to relevant USB ports on back side of KVM. Wireless adapter goes to USB keyboard port
    5. Connect HDMI monitors to HDMI Out A, B, C and D
    6. Connect speaker or microphone output on KVM (optional).
    7. Power on the KVM and computers.

    Special Notes:

    • Cable A connecion is to ensure keyboard, mouse and monitor A to work correctly.
    • Cable B are for connecting 2nd, 3rd and 4th video output of the same computer for monitor B, C and D to display correctly.
    • Some gaming, programing or michanical keyboard and mouse may not work well from rear USB ports, if so, connect them to front USB. This connection does not support hotkeys.
  • Works for Computers and Laptops with 4 HDMI Outputs or HDMI / VGA / DVI / Display Port Mixtures (Need Adapters)

    Configuration without Adapters Needed:

    1. 4 computers and / or laptops with 4 HDMI outputs
    2. 4 HDMI monitors
    3. Standard wired or wireless keyboard and mouse

    Other Scenarios:

    1. Use reliable adapters for VGA / DVI / Display Port / USB C interfaces. Please be aware that adapters are not included.
    2. Do not recommend to use 2 adapters on a same video chain (on both computer side and monitor side)
  • User Friendly Switching Modes

    Default Hotkey Rght Ctrl can be Changed to Num Lock or Scroll Lock, Support Mac keyboard

    1. Keyboard Hotkey Switch: Double click the right Ctrl then Port Number then Enter
    2. Mouse Click Switch: Double click the middle roller of mouse
    3. Push Button Switch: Simply press teh white button on front panel
    4. Auto Scan Switch: Interval time adjustable between 8 to 999 seconds (default is inactive).


    1. With indicator in amber under push button to show which computer is selected.
    2. Switching beep sound can be turned on/off by double clicking the right Ctrl then b then Enter
    • Box Contents:
    • 1* 4 port Quad monitor kvm
    • 4* dedicated kvm cable A 4.92 ft
    • 12* standard HDMI cable B 4.92 ft
    • 1* DV 5V 2A power adapter (US plug)
    • 1* User Manual in English